We Provide the most Effective and most Efficient solutions to our clients to help them meet their targets. Your Business is Our Business

What We Do

Our goal is to give as many enterprises as possible access to an outsourcing platform, reducing their workload with qualified staff. The benefits that follow will thus surpass our clients' business goals.

Digital Experiences

Lead Generation & Direct Sales

To attract more and more consumers, accelerate your sales and lead generation.
Through our extensive experience, we offer a seamless communication route to your marketing and direct response efforts.

Customer Service & Tech Support

Due to our high availability of agents ready to assist your clients whenever they need it, our 24/7/365 services guarantee that your business never shuts.

Construction Management Services

Providing the top construction services in the USA and the UK. Confero Constructions provides services in the following areas: construction, architect & design, project scheduling, estimating, and project takeoff.

IT Solutions

To help you with your tech service and support requirements, our agents are highly qualified professionals who deal with various technology businesses. Government organisations and small enterprises alike rely on Confero Tech’s services since we have more than ten years of experience in the IT sector

Invoicing & Billing

With the help of our knowledgeable staff, who is now offering this service to more than 20 businesses, make your billing and invoicing simple and hassle-free.

Digital Marketing

With proven expertise in providing the best internet marketing services, Confero Solutions is one of the top digital marketing agencies. Our team is here to craft the best digital marketing services to match your business requirements and aim to magnify your business growth.


Signing up with Confero is free. You only pay when someone completes a payable action i.e. click, lead, sale, phone call. In other words, when your work is done.

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